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                      Est. 1991

3.5 ton 2 horse Renault Master £3,000


2004 Renault Master DCI 120, CAN-VAN Equestrian, 2 horse rearward facing, solid breast bar partition with emergency exit door, bulkhead frame, good horse section floor and good ramp, solid centre partition, engine good but lazy on syncro in 1st and 2nd gears, if you change from first to 2nd not too fast then its fine. The lorry has been stood up for a while and needs quite a lot of work doing. Please read the report.

Reg No: CA04 CVH
Make: Renault
Model: Master dci 120 
Tonnage: 3.5
How Many Horses: 2 horse
Type of Living: n/a


Make and Model of Body: CAN-VAN Equestrian 
Mileage: 108,085 miles 
Tested Until: No mot 
Carrying Capacity: 1,180 kg  

Ceiling Height in Horse Section: 7′

Overall Length: 19′ 3″ 
Overall Width: 6′ 8″ 
Number of People it Will Sleep: n/a 
Type of Engine Access: Bonnet 
Servicing: Needs service and cambelt 

Overall Condition Report

Mechanical including cab conditionPoor
Structure, condition of the body including floor and rampGood
Paintwork and condition of the exteriorGood
Horse section Good
Living AreaN/A





Condition Comments


Renault Master DCI 120

Approx Cost £ (exc. VAT)

Major Defects – Requires Repair

 ABS light is on, would need to investigate to price

Wiper blades need replacing£34
Washer pipes need refitting£30
Light stalk needs replacing£145
All 4 tyres need replacing£520
Both front brake calipers need replacing£250
Both rear brake calipers need replacing£250
Rear handbrake cables need replacing£85
o/s power steering boot needs replacing£75
n/s/f wishbone and all front suspension ball joints need replacing£750
Both front jacking points need welding/repair and n/s/f outer sill needs welding/repair£860
Minor Defects
n/s wide view mirror glass missing£28
n/s/m indicator has lost its colour£17
Rear bumper loose£60
Both headlights loose£35
Bolts on front bumper need changing£40
Loose wiring at rear needs refitting£15
Oily engine needs cleaning for test£30
Exhaust heat shield needs refitting£15
Front part of lower ramp aperture is rusty and needs repair£300
Rear inner anti roll bar bushes need replacing£65
Service needed£220
Cambelt needs replacing£375
Gearbox needs reconditioning, poor syncro in 1st and 2nd£1,600
Radio not working and LED screen, Fit standard radio (not Renault)£130
Heater fan only working on Max£255
Battery needs replacing£130
Central locking not working, will need investigating to price
n/s cab door and rear door locks do not work£230
No key for ramp top door£85
No spare keys£200
Rear roof vent needs replacing£345
Knob missing on front roof vent£20
n/s/r window glass stuck open, New window£135
o/s/r door hinges seized£80
Paintwork has rust spots and a scrape on o/s panels but is ok
Hole in n/s/f of roof£60
Lens missing on rear horse section light, New light£85
Horse section floor is good but floor in tack area needs replacing£380